About me.

I’m married to Allison, an architect. We live in Denver, Colorado, with our ridiculous fourth-grader, Oscar, who likes to make tiny dimetrodons out of hot glue, and Mabel, our couch potato Newfoundland pup.

Tatou, the Newfoundland who ruled the house before Mabel, is a little bit famous on the Internet for how he made Oscar giggle.

Resume-wise, I have a BA in Music (Cornell ’90) and am a tech industry refugee (Sony, IBM, etc.).

I make my living making connections for a handful of relationship-focused CEOs.

A few things that have inspired me.

The Man Who Planted Trees.

Just lucked out one evening during my freshman year in college. So many important lessons in that film. I put it on every night as I fall asleep.

Narrated by Christopher Plummer, it won Best Animated Short Film at the 1987 Oscars.

Cornell Adult University (CAU).

I spent all four summers during high school there, with my mom and sister. So many lovely people to meet at CAU.

If you keep your eyes peeled on the right-hand side of the video at 1:23, you can see my mom, singing, in the white hat. More than thirty years on, she still goes every summer.

James L. Brooks and Norman Lear.

I spent a lot of time, as a kid in the Seventies, watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, Taxi, All in the Family, Maude, and Good Times. For me, those shows were all about friendship.

A few testimonials.

“I continue to love what you’re doing. Great ideas.”

Jason Fried
Founder of Basecamp

PhilCaravaggioCircleUIT06-01Flat“Ted is extraordinary at what he does, and he’s a man of his word.”

Phil Caravaggio
CEO of Precision Nutrition

AllanBranchCircleUIT06-01Flat“If an eagle and a tiger had a human baby that was then raised by ninjas, it would be Ted.”

Allan Branch
Founder of Less Everything